Green tea is made from unfermented leaves, it is pale in color and slightly bitter in flavor. Green tea is primarily produced in China and Japan. Both countries prevent the oxidation […]

Green Tea

White tea is the least processed and the most delicate. It has the lowest caffeine content of the five most common types of tea, and when brewed, it yields a […]

White Tea

  Tea these days is becoming more popular, Americans consume over 80 billions servings of tea according the Tea Association of the USA. Of all tea consumed, 84% is black tea, […]

Introduction to Tea

Though I have had chamomile tea and mint tea plenty of times before, I had never had them together. It did not disappoint; it was smooth, soothing, and just the […]

Comfort in a cup

Tonight was my first adventure . . . making some ginger tea. It was an instant ginger tea, which had me a little worried since it was my first time trying […]

Instant Ginger

Unlike Ginger haters  (::cough cough:: Cindy my fellow tea blogger), she was always my favorite.  But enough about the Spice Girls, we’re here to talk about tea! I went to […]

She was always my favorite

Recently, I was challenged to try ginger tea which I don’t usually consume because I don’t like ginger. My co-worker recommended a Tazo green ginger tea. I was not looking […]

Ginger Spice left for a reason

  I had always associated tea with grandma’s ol’ chamomile tea, the kind we dreaded to drink every time we found ourselves with an upset stomach. The mere thought of  […]

Hello There Tea Lovers