Tea 101

Black tea is the most fermented of all five tea types. To create the full body and strong flavor, tea leaves are withered, rolled and fermented for a long period […]

Black Tea

Oolong tea is also known as wulong or wu-long tea, and is most often served in Chinese restaurants. Oolong tea is intentionally bruised after being picked, its leaves are then […]

Oolong Tea

Green tea is made from unfermented leaves, it is pale in color and slightly bitter in flavor. Green tea¬†is primarily produced in China and Japan. Both countries prevent the oxidation […]

Green Tea

White tea is the least processed and the most delicate. It has the lowest caffeine content of the five most common types of tea, and when brewed, it yields a […]

White Tea

  Tea these days is becoming more popular, Americans consume over 80 billions servings of tea according the Tea Association¬†of the USA. Of all tea consumed, 84% is black tea, […]

Introduction to Tea