Gone with Dandelion


UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) we ladies have experienced this at least once, if not consider yourself lucky! According to Mayo Clinic, there are about 3 million cases per year, so it’s very common, have no fear. Males guess what? It can also happen to you, so you may want to continue reading. The most common symptoms of UTI include cloudy or bloody urine, that terrible pain and burning sensation, the painful cramps in the lower abdomen, and a strong need to urinate often; even right after one has emptied out the bag.

Unfortunately, this has occurred to me more often than I would like. Typically these types of infections are treated with antibiotics, but I got tired of taking them. I’m more of a holistic medicine type of gal, so obviously, I reached out to tea for help. Based on my understanding, the most important thing is to flush out the infection. I woke up one night with terrible cramps and a huge urge to urinate, when I went to the bathroom the burning sensation was there and so was the bloody urine. I had a UTI. I immediately took a painkiller, and soothed the pain with a heat pad. I drank a gallon and half of water and enjoyed 3 cups of dandelion tea, which by the way is a natural diuretic. In addition, dandelion tea is known to help with the prevention of UTIs. Ladies, I was feeling 75% better by the time I headed to work in the morning. I continued drinking water with lemon, and kept drinking my dandelion tea three times a day. Within two days, the infection was all gone, and I was back to normal.

Please note: I am not a doctor nor did I have these tips validated by a doctor. Every case is different, and in some cases it can be severe and dangerous as it can spread to the kidneys. These are just tips that helped me, and I hope that they help you too. ☺


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