Odor Absorber

Living in Miami is not always fun in the sun; one also has to deal with the perpetual afternoon rain showers. Now, combine that with puddles and sprinting to the car because, OF COURSE, one would forget the umbrella, and you get…stinky shoes! Bacteria in the moist inside soles of your shoes causes the bad odor.

Tea bags can help. Tea bags are powerful absorbers of odor and moisture. So, after you have enjoyed your cup of tea, don’t throw the bags out, rather let them dry completely and stick them inside your shoes. Leave the bags inside your shoes for at least 48 hours. Black tea is the best because it contains tannic acid, which happens to be a powerful bacteria killer.

I personally experimented with leaving the tea bags inside my shoes from 1 to 4 days. I found that 2 days is perfect to make sure the stench is out of the shoes. You can also try a variety of teas like peppermint or cinnamon, to give your shoes a pleasant smell.

These tea bags have been lifesavers for my flats 🙂

Let me know how the tea bags work out for you in your fight against smelly shoes. Leave your comments below, and please share if you found this post helpful!


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