Not my cup of Tea

Not my cup of tea


…that is not a phrase a tea lover would say; however, it is something I must say about the Breathe Deep tea from Yogi. First of all, this is by no means a criticism against Yogi teas, on the contrary, Yogi has many of the teas I love. Breathe Deep simply did not appeal to my taste buds. Like the name suggests, this tea helps support respiratory health, it contains all organic ingredients: Thyme leaf, eucalyptus leaf, Licorice root, Tulsi leaf, ginger root, cinnamon bark, elecampane root, peppermint leaf, cardamom seed and mullein leaf.

It has a sweet aroma and an even sweeter…much much sweeter, taste—and this is without adding any honey or sweeteners! That was the deal breaker for me. It is simply too sweet, almost syrupy. The licorice taste is overwhelming. I made a cup and sadly could not finish it. I ended up giving away the rest of the tea bags to co-workers and even pinned the remaining tea bags on my cubicle wall. It was actually a pretty cute decoration idea, plus it freshens the air. I did say it smells sweet.
Try it, and let us know if sweeter is better.
Talk to us tea,

😉 E

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