White Tea

White tea is the least processed and the most delicate. It has the lowest caffeine content of the five most common types of tea, and when brewed, it yields a pale yellow liquid. It also has a light, sweet flavor. White tea is derived from the first buds of the tea bush. One type is Silver Needles which is made from long silvery buds, hence the name. The other type is Bai Mu Dan which is made from stems bearing bud, and can have up to four leaves.


white tea


How to Make the Perfect Cup 🙂

The right infusing temperature is 175 degrees, and its steeping time depends on whether your white tea is flavored or unflavored. Flavored tea requires less time than unflavored, varying from one to five minutes. For hot tea, add 1 tsp of loose leaf tea per every 8oz of water, add more for a stronger taste. If you rather have it cold, just double the tsp amount and enjoy!



Resources: The Tea Drinker’s Handbook  & Teavana


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