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I had always associated tea with grandma’s ol’ chamomile tea, the kind we dreaded to drink every time we found ourselves with an upset stomach. The mere thought of  that little bag sitting at the bottom of my tea cup made my every sense cringe. That changed when I tried mint tea for the first time in the old city in Fes, Morocco. The welcoming rich flavor, the refreshing taste of mint, and the endless conversations among friends became my new definition of “tea”.  Tea was no longer a dreaded experience, but a sought after evening of catching up with old friends. I now think tea outside the box, and I hope to help others like the old me, appreciate those tiny leaves packed with rich flavors and amazing health benefits.  Just remember, today’s tea is #notyourgrandmastea   😉



I started my tea journey later in life unlike my co-blogger Cindy. I really started this adventure when I met my boyfriend. He is a master of herbal teas and loves to grow his own tea. Every time I feel under the weather or have an upset stomach his tea definitely makes things better. With my passion of educating others of a healthy lifestyle, I’m always on the look out of the healthy benefits of tea and discovering other uses of tea . . . besides drinking tea of course 😉



I like to consider myself to be a tea enthusiast. It all started at a very young age when my mom would make me chamomile, linden or mint tea when ever I wasn’t feeling well. At lunch or dinner I would normally turn to bottle tea as I’m not a big soda fan. Soon thereafter my curiosity grew and so did my love for tea. I remember stepping into a Teavana store and immediately falling in love. I bought my first tea set and an oz of monkey picked oolong tea. The store associate taught me how to make the perfect cup of tea by making sure that I steeped the tea in a specific temperature. My hobby became a passion when my boyfriend bought me a Breville tea maker/kettle. Wow! my life just got easier. I highly recommend this appliance; it is worth every single penny. I’m now developing my knowledge of tea and its origin. I hope to one day grow my own tea at the comfort of my house. I would share my first experience with you. I’m constantly on the lookout for different teas. If you have any recommendation send them our way, talk to me tea 🙂

– Cindy

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